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Video tutorial of generating a Wagerr Paper Wallet and importing your generated private key. WAGERR PAPER WALLETS!!!

*Note this wallet generator works with hundreds of coins. My version is the only one that offers support for Wagerr!

Download master.zip from my github or directly from https://github.com/TidalWavesNode/Wagerr-Universal-Paper-Wallet-Generator-/archive/master.zip
Disable computer internet connection (this adds a level of security)
Open index.html file
Click Skip >> under the green generating progress bar
Click Bitcoin drop down to Choose Currency
Scroll down to Wagerr
Click English to start generating new address
Move mouse or type random characters into the textbox (or hit skip)
Select paper wallet tab
You can password encrypt if so desired at this stage
Send Wagerr to the Public address
View the public address from a Wagerr explorer to verify and watch funds.
If you want the funds to remain in “Cold Storage” do not import the private key into a wallet until you are ready redeem the Wagerr.

*Security Tip – Do NOT ever reuse the paper wallet once you import the private keys to a wallet, and make sure to completely empty the paper wallet when you do redeem the coins.

***Adding private keys to Wagerr wallet to “thaw” Wagerr out of “Cold Storage”
Open Wagerr wallet goto tool->debug console
Type in
importprivkey YOURPRIVATEKEY
Hit enter
The wallet will “rescan”
To confirm goto file->receiving addresses and see that the Wagerr Wallet Address has been added at this point if you had sent any Wagerr to the public address you will see the coins in the wallet.

****Do this at your own risk, Do you own research I have tested this and the code for this generator has been used by many for years and years but that means nothing if you don’t do your own research and take proper precautions. Always do you own testing and review of code.****