Tidal Waves Asset Details

Name: Tidal Waves

Platform: Waves Token

Symbol: Tidal

Identifier: AAUgxEx61UK5Y9MiEYMsdnCqVhGxBcTJEGTMHJeybuBC

Supply: 1,000,000

Decimals: 8

Re-issuable: NO

Verified: Verified

Details: Official token of the Tidal Waves Full Node. Distribution of Tidal Waves will only occur through weekly node payouts, and eventually through WAVES DEX as users buy/sell

Definition: tid·al wave ˈtīdl ˌwāv noun plural noun: tidal waves an exceptionally large ocean wave, especially one caused by an underwater earthquake or volcanic eruption (used as a nontechnical term for tsunami)

ICO: NOPE supporting WAVES is the only incentive, and leasing WAVES to the Tidal Waves Node is the only way to initially receive Tidal. My team will keep a total of 10,000 Tidal Waves and the other 990,000 will be paid out over weekly payouts.