Offered Services

Did this tool save you time, lots of headaches, or teach you something? Donations are appreciated for making your Wagerr experience much easier, please use my VULTR affiliate link or send $WGR to WagerrLiVo87tYRpLmwV3QJvB2sY58hS5f Want your own $WGR vanity address? Click here!

Services and Pricing

  • Remote Masternode setup  – 300 $WGR per
  • Custom Documentation/Writeup  – starting at 300 $WGR
  • Custom Video Tutorials – starting at 300 $WGR
  • One on one help going through my guides – Donations
  • Ad Space in footer w/ external link – 500 $WGR monthly for the next ad
  • -There are a total of 5 ad slots with each slot the price goes up
    Ad 1 – 250 WGR Monthly – Reserved until 11/1/2018
    Ad 2 – 500 WGR Monthly
    Ad 3 – 750 WGR Monthly
    Ad 4 – 1000 WGR Monthly
    Ad 5 – 1250 WGR Monthly
    -If any ad doesn’t renew it will be removed and all ads will move up a slot while also receiving updated pricing!

Please contact me to arrange the purchase of services.