TidalWaves Masternode Proposal (Wagerr)

Who Am I?

I, Tidal Waves, am a long standing contributing member to Wagerr and have provided many helpful resources to the community and people individually through my efforts. I provided Wagerr’s first and only Cold Storage Solution (paper wallet), a Vanity Wallet Generator (custom wallets), auto restart scripts, auto setup scripts, and auto update scripts for masternodes, one of the first betting calculators, many different video tutorials, etc. Most of the Wagerr development team and community knows who I am and what I have done to help expand the Wagerr community.

This Proposal:

I would like to setup and operate a TidalWaves Masternode that will be used for marketing the Wagerr ecosystem, to help fund further developments and cover operating costs to maintain the TidalWaves.info website. To date I have been using my own funds plus donations to operate.

How will this benefit Wagerr?

The masternode + oracle payments will allow TidalWaves to continue to develop the TidalWaves website by adding additional features, tutorials, documentation, videos, add a Wagerr related news sections, add Wagerr advertisements etc that will help spread the word and make using Wagerr easier for everyone.

Also, exploring the option of adding a Wagerr Faucet which would use a minimum of 50% of all Wagerr Masternode payments to fund the faucet on the TidalWaves website.

The ask:

2 monthly payments of 12501 so a total of 25002 WGR

This will cover the masternode collateral and cover the fees associated with submitting/activating this proposal.

Please comment any thoughts, criticism, or questions for discussion in discord or telegram, and thank you for taking the time to read.

VOTING…Please vote YES!

Thank you for your time and consideration!