Setting up a local Observer wallet for hosted Masternode services

Step 1: Turn off zeromint in your local wallet

a. Shutdown your wallet
b. Go to your data directory and edit obsr.conf
c. Add the following line, save and start your wallet again:

Step 2: Generate a masternode address in your local wallet

a. Open the debug console (Tools – Debug console)
b. Type the following command:
getaccountaddress YOURALIAS

Highlight and copy the address (this is your collateral address)

Step 3: Send EXACTLY 1,000,000 OBSR to the masternode address created in step 3 from your local wallet

a. Wait until the transaction has at least 1 confirmation (transactions tab)
b. Provide generated MasterNode Address and Alias (from step 2)

(link to submit Wallet Address, and Masternode alias will appear after payment is submitted)

Step 4: After payment is submitted you will receive further instructions to the registered email address.

Use the configuration provided by email to edit your masternode.conf

a. Goto Tools – Open Masternode Configuration File

b. Add entry provided from TidalWaves to the bottom

c. Save the file, close the wallet

d. Open the OBSR wallet and notice that the 1,000,000 OBSR Collateral are now locked

Step 5: Start your Masternodes

a. Open the debug console (Tools – Debug console)

b. Type the following command: (change MASTERNODEALIAS to Alias set in step 2)

startmasternode alias false MASTERNODEALIAS

If you followed the steps in order as presented on this guide, the following lines will be shown on the console

“overall”: “Successfully started 1 masternodes, failed to start 0, total 1”,

“result”: “successful”

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If you have >1 Masternode to set up please contact me directly to make arrangements.

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