Community provided Wagerr, Observer, and PIVX support!

Bitcoin Lightning:

BTCPay Server – Coming soon!

Mobile Wallets- Coming soon!

BTC Lightning – Try it out in the Shop!


AllNodes guides



PIVX Auto Masternode Setup – A script to auto setup a PIVX Masternode vps!


Observer Cold Storage – The first and only cold storage solution for Observer!

Swap Files:

Swap Files – Easy 1 line swap file creation, plus step by step if you want to learn!

Masternode Guides:

Masternode Auto Restart – a script I wrote that checks to see if wagerrd is running, if its not it will start it (great for reducing downtime) – NOW WITH AUTO INSTALL!!!

Masternode Update Guide – step by step to update your Masternode – NOW WITH AUTO UPDATE!!!

Setting up a new Masternode – how to setup a new Masternode from scratch

Delete Local Block Chain data – handy if the Masternode gets stuck on a block and you want to download the chain from scratch

Wallet Guides:

Wagerr Android Wallet – how to install and use the mobile wallet on Android

Update Wallet to 2.0.0 – Video on how to upgrade to wallet 2.0.0 (will be the same process for any new version in the future)

Convert Waves $WGR to Mainnet in 2.0.0 Wallet (NEW) –  how to swap

Convert Waves $WGR to Mainnet – Video showing how to coin swap

Wagerr Cold Storage:

Wagerr Paper Wallets –  Paper Wallet generator I modified to use with Wagerr! A TidalWaves exclusive!

Wagerr Vanity Address:

Wagerr Vanity Address – create customized $WGR addresses  ie. WagerrLiVo87tYRpLmwV3QJvB2sY58hS5f  another TidalWaves exclusive

Video Guides:

All of my video guides can be found on YouTube at TidalWaves please also like and subscribe to my channel.