Welcome to Tidal Waves…

To lease WAVES please navigate to the LPOS tab in the WAVES LiteClient and use 3PEPHZfj9VoDbPBNXZrvRNxKU35GQe6Q3Y7 as the Recipient address.



Tidal Waves will process payments to Node leasees on a weekly basis at a proportional rate based upon the number of WAVES leased, the total generating balance of the node, and the amount of revenue the node generated. The Tidal Waves Node twitter account will be used to inform everyone as things progress so please …


Our goal at Tidal Waves is to simply contribute to the WAVES Platform by helping secure and to further decentralize the WAVES block-chain. The existing nodes are currently heavily overpopulated percentage wise which potentially puts the WAVES block-chain at risk.

We have been supporting WAVES since the ICO and will continue to do so. Our intention is to ride the wave as long as possible. Which side of the wave are you on?